" ..."


dEUS "No More Loud Music" Island Records 2001
The New Year "Newness Ends" Touch&Go 2001
Reindeer Section Yall Get Scared Now, Ya Hear! Pias  / Bright Star Recordings 
Ryan Adams "Gold" Lost Highway 2001
Low Things We Lost in the Fire Kranky 2001
Songs Ohia "Ghost Tropic"  Secretly Canadian 2000
Blonde Redhead Melody of Certain Damaged Lemons Touch&Go 2000
Lou Barlow/Rudy Trouve "Subsonic 6" Sub Rosa 2001
Various Artists "All Tomorrow's Parties vol.1" ATP 2001
Six By Seven "Closer You Get" Mantra  2000
"Sex Bomben Auf England" Igun Shakor Records 2001
Modest Mouse "Sad Sappy Sucker" K Records  2001
Gomez Abandoned Shopping Trolley Hotline Hut Recordings/Sony Music 2000
Badly Drawn Boy The Hour of Bewilderbeast" Twisted Nerve/XL Recordings 2000
Fuck "Cupid Cactus" Smells Like Records 2001
Spoon "Girls Can Tell| Merge 2001
Yuppie Flu "Hollow Beep" Doxa Records 2000
John Wolfington "John Wolfington" Smelles Like Records 2001
Sad Rockets "Transition" Matador Records 2000
Dead Man Ray "Trap" Heavenhotel 2000
Turing Machine "A New Machine for Living" Jadee Tree 2000
Clinic "Internal Wrangler" Domino 2000
Reggie and the Full Effect "Promotional Copy" Vargant Records 2000
A Silver Mt. Zion "He Has Left Us Alone But ..." Constellation Records 2000
Quickspace :"Death to the Quickspace" Domino / Matador Records 2000
Two Dollar Guitar "Weak Beats and Lame-Ass Rhymes" Smells Like Records 2000
Bright Eyes "Fevers and Mirrors" Saddle Creek Records 2000
enon "Believo!" See ThruBroadcasting 2000
Clem Snide "Your Favorite Music" Sire Records 2000
Smog "Dongs of Sevotion" Drag City / Domino 2000



Ani Difranco "To the Teeth" Righteous Babe Music 1999
Ani Difranco "Little Plastic Castle" Righteous Babe Music 1998
Ani DiFranco "Up Up Up Up UpUp" Righteous Babe Music 1999
Arab Strap "Elephant Shoes" Go Beat/Matador Records 1999
Arto Lindsay "Prize" Righteous Babe Records 1999
Bardo Pond "Set and Setting" Matador Records 1999
Belle & Sebastian "The Boy With the Arab Strap" Jeepster Records 1998
Beta Band "Beta Band Astralwerks 1999
Bonnie Prince Billy "I See a Darkness" Palace Records 1999
Bonnie 'Prince' Billy "One With The Birds" EP Palace Records 1998
Bosco "LP" 62TV Records/Platinum 1998
Built to Spill "Live" Warner Bros. Records 2000
Built to Spill "Keep it like a secret" Warner Brothers 1999
Cake "Prolonging the Magic" Capricorn rec. 1998
Cat Power "The Coves Record" Matador Records 2000
Cat Power "Moon Pix" Matador Rec. 1998
Come "Gently Down The Stream" Matador Rec. 1998
Chris Cornell "Euphoria Morning" A&M Tecords 1999
Shiney On The Inside" Kindness Recordings 1999
Die Anarchistische Abendunterhaltung "We Need New Animals" Sony Classic 1998
The Dismemberment Plan "Emergency & I" DeSoto 1999
De Profundis "September" EP 62 TV Records 1997
dEUS "Instant Street" Island Records 1999
dEUS "The Ideal Crash" Island Records 1999
eels "Daises Of The Galaxy" Dreamworks Records 2000
eels "Electro-shock blues" Dreamworks Records 1998
Elliott Smith "Elliott Smith";"Roman Candle" Domino Recording Co. 1998
Eliot Smith "Figure 8" DreamWorks Records 2000
Everclear "So much for the afterglow" Capitol 1998
Fantomas "Fantomas" Epicac Records 1999
Flying Saucer Attack "Mirror" Drag City 2000
Flexa Lyndo "45 Minutes" 62 TV Records 1999
Flowers For Breakfast "Homebound" Mercury Records 1998
Folk Implosion "One Part Lullaby" Interscope/Domino Recordings 1999
The For Carnation "The For Carnation" Domino / Touch and Go 2000
Girls against Boys "Freak*on*ica" Geffen 1998
Godspeed You Black Emperor! "Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada" E.P Kranky 1999
Gore Slut "Above the Lisa Drugstore" Stickman Records 1998
Guided by Voices "Do the Collapse TVT Records 1999
Hans Helewaut "Meanwhile, Up In the Snowy Mountains" Via Music Publishing 1998
Jack Breakfast "Jack Breakfast" Troubled Cat Records 1998
Jeff Buckley "Sketches for My Sweetheart the Drunk" Columbia  1998
Jimi Tenor "Organism" Warp Records 1999
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion "ACME" Matador Rec. 1998
Kiss My Jazz "In A Service Station" Heavenhotel 1999
Larry And The Lefthanded "Quantum Rider" Texicalli Records 1998
Liz Phair "Whitechocolatespaceegg" Matador Rec. 1998
Llama Farmers "Dead Letters Chorus" Beggars Banquet 1999
Manic Street Preachers "ThisIsMyTruthTell MeYours" Sony Music 1998
Mitsoobishy Jacson

"Boys Together Out Rageously"

HeaveHotel 1999
Modest Mouse
"Building Nothing Out Of Something"
Up Records 2000
Mogwai "Come On Die Young" Chemikal Underground Ltd. 1999
Mogwai "Mogwai EP" Chemikal Underground Ltd. 1999
Morphine "The Night" Dreamworks Records 2000
Motorpsycho "Let Them Eat Cake" Sony / Stickman Records 2000
Mount Florida "Stealth" Matador Records 1999
Motorpsycho "Trust Us" Stickman Records 1998
Mr.Bungle "California" Warner Brothers 1999
"" Boheme Music 2000
Pavement "Major Leagues" EP Domino / Matodar Records 1999
Pavement "Terror Twilight" Matador Records 1999
Papa M "Live from a shark cage" Drag City/Domino Recordings 1999
Pearl Jam "Live on Two Legs" Epic 1998
Port Friendly "Welcome to Port Friendly" Cloudland Records 1995
"Field Studies"
Up Records / Domino 1999
Royal Trux "Veterans of Disorder" Drag City/Domino Recordings 1999
Robert Pollard with Doug Gillard "Speak Kindly of Your Volunteer Fire Department" Luna Music 1999
Scott Weiland "12 Bar Blues" Atlantic Records 1998
Sebadoh "The Sebadoh" Sub Pop 1999
Sleater Kinney "The Hot Rock" Kill Rock Stars 1999
Smog "Cold Blooded Old Times" Drag City / Domino 1999
Smog "Knock knock" Drag City/Domino Recordings 1999
Sonic Youth "NYC ghosts&flowers" Geffen Records 2000
Sonic Youth "Goodbye 20yh Century" Smells Like Records 1999
Soul Coughing "El Oso" Slash Records 1998
Soulwax "Much Against Everyone's Advice" Play it Again Sam 1998
Spin Doctors "Yere Comes the Bride" Universal/DAS 1999
Spoon "The Agony of Laffitte/
Laffitte Don't Fail Me Now"
Saddle Creek Records 1999
Superchunk "Come Pick Me Up" Merge/Matador Records 1999
The Jesus & Mary Chain "Munki" Sub Pop 1998
Thurston Moore "Root" LO Reordings 1999
Tindersticks "Simple Pleasures" Island Records 1999
Tindersticks "Donkeys 92-97" Island Records 1998
Tori Amos "From the choirgirl hotel" Warner 1998
U2 "Best of 1980-1990" Island Records 1998
Various Artists Will our children thank us Foundry Recordings 1999
Various Artists "Everithing is nice" Matador Records 1999
Various Artists "Radio History" Kill Rock Stars 1999
Ween "The Mollusk" Electra 1997
Whale "All Disco Dance Must End In Broken Bones" Virgin Records 1998
Will Oldham "Ode Music" Drag City / Domino 2000
Yo La Tengo
"And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out"
Matador Records 2000
Zita Swoon "Plage Tattoo/Circumstance" Warner Music Benelux 2000
Zita Swoon "I Paint Pictures On A Wedding Dress" Warner Music Benelux 1998

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